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The Return of McMMO - TWolfWD - 07-05-2015

Yep, you read that title right. McMMO is back! Quite a few of you have been asking about it for a while, and after one hell of a morning arm wrestling the server it's up and running. Now you can jump off of buildings to level your Acrobatics skill until your legs are powder! McMMO has far too many features to describe here, so log in and type /mc to start your journey.

McMMO will not be active in Creative for obvious reasons.

RE: The Return of McMMO - pibpib - 07-05-2015


RE: The Return of McMMO - Deadlock1 - 07-05-2015

Dreams really do come true (again for the third time) Big Grin

RE: The Return of McMMO - Fax_machine - 07-06-2015

May I add. With the return of MCMMO comes the return of BANS FOR FARMING MOBS AT A GRINDER (you must be able to be hurt by the mobs to be legal)