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Fax_Machine is no longer an Admin - TWolfWD - 07-14-2015

Hello Everyone,

It is with regret that I must announce that Fax_Machine will no longer be an Administrator on The Wolf Den. A recent event has shed light on behavioral patterns in which he has on multiple occasions used his power to grief other players. This has resulted in a toxic environment in which some players feel uneasy at his presence, and that is not the sort of environment I want for my our server. What makes this more serious is that this is not the first time Fax’s abuse of power has been called into question, and while we’ve been lenient in the past, almost to a fault, I can no longer stand by. From this moment forth, Fax_Machine has been demoted to the Member group.

This decision was not easy for me, as Fax_Machine has put tremendous effort into maintaining and improving the server, especially in my absence, and has been with the server for many years. For this reason he will remain welcome in The Wolf Den. I will also make available to him a copy of all the work he has done, so that he may continue it elsewhere. Unfortunately, The Wolf Den cannot be that place for him.

RE: Fax_Machine is no longer and Admin - Fax_machine - 07-14-2015

I'd like a more detailed explanation. Because this is hitting me wayyyy out of left field at most literally the worst point in my life to date

RE: Fax_Machine is no longer and Admin - Agmar454 - 07-14-2015

Yes, what exactly brought on this huge decision? I know first-hand of Fax's shenanigans, but they were more harmless and all in good fun than malicious grief that ruined my playing experience.

RE: Fax_Machine is no longer and Admin - Lady_Malice - 07-14-2015

I attempted to make this as legible as possible. Please read the cleaned up log files if you wish. It took an entire evening to make it readable with all of the /rekt scripts breaking up the text.

A user Ember was requesting a name change
However Fax decide to /burn her
Ember’s friend Bwoof responded by calling fax a dick
Fax continued to /burn Bwoof even /tping Bwoof to him to prevent him from escaping or putting away his items.
Bwoof asks Fax not to be a dick.
Fax then proceeded to ban Bwoof for an hour but with the encouragement of people who were on the server he lowered it to 10 minutes.

[23:39:45] : Fax_Machine issued server command: /tempban Bwoof 1h I don't need your crap
[23:41:52] : [mWolfDenm]Fax_Machine[m> He called me a dick a few times
[23:42:00] : [mWolfDenm]Fax_Machine[m> better prove him right

This was unprovoked and player harassment.

Even if it was "Just a joke" or "Fax's usual antics" it's unacceptable.

Several long term players and short term players have messaged us privately informing us of feeling like they were being harassed. Some have even expressed relief. That bothers me if players are so uneasy around an administrator. This is supposed to be a fun game and it's clearly not for several players.

RE: Fax_Machine is no longer and Admin - FanDango31 - 07-14-2015

So this means... No Yord...?

I mean yeah he can be a dick sometimes (sorry)
But his scripting skills are like no other.

RE: Fax_Machine is no longer and Admin - Fax_machine - 07-14-2015

I'm presented a case of an abridged log, wherein, in the rain (i.e. no burning damage), I misread embers request to be something akin to "Can my name be Blue2000_Fax"(If you read the log beforehand you can see that I wasn't aware of embers prior requests) from which, (for context) earlier in the day, and the day before, players in the Member_P and Ascii had been playing around with the /nick command to call themselves "Blue2001", and "NotAscii"so I took my misread of ember's request for a jestful attempt at such and I lit ember on fire for 1 second in response. Bwoof then decides to hit me a few times in spawn and call me a dick... The rest of the log flows straightforward without me needing to add context. I overreacted by doing 1 hour, and if you continue reading I was convinced of such and lowered the temp ban to 10 minutes. And if you continue reading past the log you can see no evidence of ill will or depredation on Bwoof's return.

But aside from that.

What I find absolutely flabbergasting is a 0% attempt by anyone to bring up the fact that anyone was feeling "harassed". There has been no communication what so ever. I've put in near 150 hours scripting things like the script that returns part of a player's inventory and experience back to them when they die (while dropping the rest). World inventory safeguarding, NPCs like Yord and the Map, Merchant, Banker, and Spawn Eggs guys. I built the walls around Spawn and designed the gates that keep the mobs out, I also built the arena. And I'm constantly writing and rewriting scripts like the "gt_mobaway" lantern script to try and give players a better experience; I spent hours just fixing the permissions when they kerploded a few months ago. Kept the server single-handedly updated for a year and a half with little to no help. Sponsored and created the popular Member_P group and moved to get moderators back onto the server. Not-withstanding all the 3.0 specific dev. And my /seen report has never been longer than 3 weeks in 5 straight years.

Now I get home from day 3 of week 3 of my Mother in the ICU having suffered a subdural hematoma on June 28th that she's not likely to recover from, to see that I've been demoted without absolutely the sniff of an indication or even the most cursory question my way.

This just doesn't register. at all. And most of all I just feel super unappreciated and disrespected the most.

That's the damaging part.

RE: Fax_Machine is no longer and Admin - Blue_Dwarf - 07-15-2015

Edit: Wall of text confirmed. It looked smaller in the editor, now I feel bad.

PseudoEdit: Well, this took way longer to type than I intended. I almost just deleted the whole thing multiple times because I'm not really sure of what I am trying to say, but I feel I need to voice my mind because this situation has made me deeply upset (though others are dancing in the streets, it seems, which makes me even more upset)

There are many points in this post which can be contended, which is in part why it is so long. As a whole, this post addresses most of these points of contention, so please refrain from reading a single portion and then immediately tearing in to me, as whatever you have to say I may already have responded to later in the post.
Anyway, here it is:

This is an upsetting situation for me.
I am having trouble finding the proper way to lay out my thoughts, so bear with me.

Given the recently (not so recently anymore. I've been at this way too long) provided context and information, I cannot say I back this decision, in particular I do not appreciate the way it was handled. (pibpib jokingly said I was next, though frankly after this I am not so sure I would be surprised if I was, especially after voicing my discontent here now. This most definitely feels like a betrayal and a slap in the face, and it didn't even happen to me!)
Fax kept this server alive and in order for a long time, and at the first hint of trouble you kick him to the curb with zero discussion.

Though apparently this wasn't the first hint of (recent) trouble.
Apparently others have privately (and recently) voiced complaints to you.
Complaints that you seem to have felt were best left unmentioned to the user they were issued against.

If it had just been this one instance and you deemed that enough, I could perhaps accept and publicly support the decision even if I personally disagree (which I do).
This, however, with the mention of others issuing complaints against him, is not acceptable to me.

It just blows my mind that you would allow Fax to continue unaware that players were legitimately complaining about his behavior, neglecting to give him the chance to acknowledge that fact and attempt to reform that behavior before it came to such an end.
While I am certain it could be said that players have complained directly to Fax in the past, I could not say that their complaints were ever leveled in a way that would not be considered as a continuation of a playful back-and-forth between what I am sure most would consider to be friends (well, I considered our users to be our friends. I may be mistaken). There's a difference between plainly asking somebody to stop doing something, and resisting their actions in a playful bashing manner (and continuing to bash them back on future occasions). If you do not voice your complaints and continue to simply play along (going as far as initiating confrontations yourself), then I do not think it is fair for you to expect the situation to change. As far as anyone else knows you are having fun doing a bit of roughhousing too.

That said, I know Fax has made mistakes in the past, and he can get riled up and act rashly, but in many such cases he has taken steps to make it right for the player, and it is 'rarely' (never that I have personally witnessed) simply based in "unprovoked harassment." It always starts with a rule violation, a complaint of one user against another, or a user being a dick/harassing another user (including Fax himself).

The exception to that I suppose would be attempts made to engage in RP behavior, which has recently been made abundantly clear to me that players absolutely want no part in on the standard world.
(I will be removing my spawners and mobs as I find them and crawl back into my dungeon in the northern swamplands, I apologize for any trouble I have caused anyone. Please alert me if you stumble upon any offending dark legion forces/spawners/command blocks. (note to person who knows who they are: this isn't about you, but your words have brought forth revelations about users no longer present in The Den))

I also know there has been lots of drama on the forums of old, but I myself have been the target of many a drama on the forums. The fact is, any active moderators will receive flak from users and be targeted by trouble makers no matter what. It just comes with the position.

That is not to say Fax hasn't been at the center of more drama, but I believe that is because unlike most other admins he felt he could interact with the players, that he could have his own city, that he could play by the same rules, though at the time I am referring to I believe he was simply a Moderator. (IE, a time NOT after the true RP world had risen, fallen, and been whisked away for further development, where Fax and I built godlike RP personae with the intention of one day driving global events in Safell, the RP world which has yet to come to fruition. That, I believe, changed things in that we both tried bringing those RP elements into the server as a whole, not just as part of Safell. As it would become clear(with this most recent 'happening'), those RP elements were definitely a bad idea and would be seen as a scourge by most of the server goers, leading to great amounts unvoiced discontent. Though Fax did a great many kind things for players under the ideals of his RP (referring to the entire time-span since Safell's redevelopment began), I suppose I would have to admit that he also terrorized players to some extent, namely those who would give him crap, which was apparently true discontent rather than playful bashing. I will not insist that certain players have enjoyed their experiences and interactions (battling a person RPing as a godlike being isn't really going to be the most fun thing to do), but I will say that I am doubtful Fax's actions were ever entirely unprovoked by his 'victims' in those such cases).

I am perhaps not a good person to judge the situation though. On the one hand, some of my own actions have apparently been abusive and unwanted so I am sorry for anyone who has been at the receiving end of any of my shenanigans, my RP was to be a villainous geo/necromancer, but this was never meant for the standard world nor was it appreciated there.
Then on the other hand (oh no, both hands are negative D:) I have not been the most active of late, and I do not know the full extent of the situation. I can not say I am entirely surprised something like this has happened given Fax's reputation and past issues, but I definitely do not feel that this was handled properly by any means, nor is it at all similar to any imagined scenario I had of how such events could possibly unfold.

I just don't feel good about this at all, Fax's sob story aside.

While I acknowledge that Twolf and Malice have full justification to do whatever they want as it is their server, I do not feel it is fair for them to arrive at such a conclusion without discussing it with the other admins (Fax Machine included) given their extended absences over the past years, and given the contributions of various admins (especially Fax Machine) to the server. I mean, you went as far as to acknowledge all of these things, but yet you chose the worst possible way to handle the situation.

At the very least, I feel Fax deserved to be confronted about this before actions were taken (at the bare-bones minimum, before it was made public that actions were taken). You know he is a reasonable adult, I don't see why you would take this approach of making a public spectacle of it before even talking to him. To me that shows a serious lack of respect, and is why I see this is more a slap in the face than a simple revocation of his permissions.

It makes me uncomfortable, and I feel as though I could be on the chopping block without even knowing it. Just one mistake away.

I'm going to stop typing now before I come to yet another conclusion and continue to ramble on about some other thing (or put my foot in mouth again). I can also sense Grumpy(sleepy)Dwarf starting to wake up, and I do not want that to seep into my post.

I guess if you needed a summary of my feelings on this, I'd say that I am not horrifically upset over what has happened essentially, more the how and the why of it (and in turn, the what, if that makes even a shred of sense).
I feel as though we have arrived at the worst possible of all conclusions, and that is why I have spent hours trying to put my jumbled thoughts into some sort of structure here. I'm both crushed and blown away by this. It's beyond words... but I tried to bridge that gap by using a great many words.

I personally feel that a great mistake has been made here.

RE: Fax_Machine is no longer and Admin - Resser - 07-15-2015

Not my place to say anything, but the shorter-than-average swamp-dweller presents some fair and considerable points

RE: Fax_Machine is no longer and Admin - Lady_Malice - 07-15-2015

I don't want to give my opinion just yet, but I think the removal of admin rights was necessary during further investigation.

I am going though the server log files, this will take time.

However I did find this:

Date: 7/11/15

[02:25:24] [Server thread/INFO]: Fax_Machine issued server command: /mcmmo
[02:25:27] [Server thread/INFO]: Fax_Machine issued server command: /mcmmo help
[02:25:40] [Server thread/INFO]: Fax_Machine issued server command: /mmoedit Fax_Machine excavation 233

[23:00:40] [Server thread/INFO]: Fax_Machine issued server command: /mctop excavation
[23:00:50] [Server thread/INFO]: [WolfDen]<~Fax_Machine> hahah Fandando must have not come around, I'm still ontop in excavation

I want to point out that he looked up how to edit his stats and then bragged about his edited stats later that day.

He made no attempt to return them to their normal levels and his current stat is at 257 which is as of this time the highest single stat of any skill of any player.

RE: Fax_Machine is no longer and Admin - Blue2000 - 07-15-2015

Ive removed the extra 233 Excavation levels from your stats Fax.

RE: Fax_Machine is no longer and Admin - Sigurther - 07-15-2015

I'd like to voice an opinion on this, as a long time player, a past donator, and a Member+ player.

I have a love/hate relationship with Fax.

On one hand, I enjoy most of his shenanigans. He adds an element of chaos to the server which otherwise would leave it somewhat bland. He has put many hours of work into the server in coding, maintenance and player relations. He is an interesting and intelligent person to talk to and a fellow vet, so he's okay in my book.

On the other hand, his shenanigans and attitude can sometimes be grating. Occasionally, he does get out of hand, but I have never really thought of him as malicious, only a prankster bringing character to the server. He has never done anything that I've seen has outright inconvenienced or otherwise ruined player experience. Taking that with a grain of salt, sometimes his personality can grate on you. Sometimes it can seem his position as a staffer puts him in a position where his law is rule and if you don't like it, there's the door.

So he's a mixed basket. But all in all, I have had an overwhelmingly positive experience with Fax as a player and an administrator. Pobody's nerfect, as it's sometimes said, and I hope that the judgement based on the above occurrences can be reconsidered. Further, for there to be additional past complaints against him, and it not be made clear to him at the time and an opportunity given to him to amend his ways or redeem himself seems a little unfair as well. I think it's fair to take into consideration his current situation as well , in regards to his behavior, which we had discussed due to shared experiences.

Long story short, I hope that he can be given a second chance, not just because it's a fair thing to do, but because of all the work he's done to and for our quiet little server. He has enriched many a player experience with his coding, lore and shenanigans in ways that are too numerous to write down, but surely outweigh more than several instances of poorly-considered tomfoolery. We get to keep a good player and staffer, and maybe Fax comes out a little more evenhanded from the experience. If not, I think that the consequences will far outweigh the benefits.

Thank you.

RE: Fax_Machine is no longer and Admin - pibpib - 07-15-2015

I guess I will voice my opinion also, but no one should really care what I think.

I have to agree with a lot of what has been said above.  I think it's fair to say that I used to greatly dislike Fax as me and him were always getting into tussles.  There's a big long thread on that on the old forums if anyone cares.  That said, since the new map started what, a year and a half ago, we haven't had nearly as many issues.  I like Fax as a player and think he is smart and fun to talk to, and I can't deny the tremendous effort he has put into the server.  Before the recent explosion of players I've spent many weekends on with just me and Fax while he worked on scripts for literally hours.

That said, while I appreciate all the work, and hope it continues (in fact I wouldn't mind scripting myself), I don't think that it should, alone, entitle anyone to admin rights.  Like Sig said many people have helped out the server and donated money (including myself) and we aren't admins. 

The issues are more with the actions, and I think that while I'm leaning towards this being the right call, I do agree that there should have been more notice to Fax.  Like Dwarf said, Fax takes a more, ehem, "active" role within the server.  Whereas I find most of the admins to be disinterested gods, building in their own areas (blue2k, ascii, wolf/malice), and sometimes wandering out to test evilness (Dwarf), Fax is more like the malevolent god, or I guess mischievous god may be a better descriptor.  He seems to always been in the thick of things starting and being a part of the server drama.  He also likes to use his admin powers in many normal ways, but some over the top ways and, as seen above with the mcmmo editing, some unfair ways.  I do have a big issue when someone with admin powers is a dick with those powers, and I think its undeniable that Fax has been that person on many occasions.

My problem with this, though, is that everyone was familiar with the Fax character.  Many times, my issues with Fax and his actions have taken place on days when multiple other admins are on.  Yet, nothing was said, and I think that counts as a tacit approval.  I think if you would have just established some guidelines with Fax, he would have acted properly under them.  Now, whether this should have to happen with an admin is another issue, and I don't think it really should (keep in mind many people, including Grimm, have been de-op'ed and removed as moderators for very similar actions, and without advanced warning).  But maybe Fax should still be a moderator or, at the very least, a member+. Maybe bust him to moderator, let him know of the issues, and see if he responds and corrects his behavior. 

Anyway, I'm going on too long here so I'll just say no matter the outcome I hope that Fax is still an active part of this server.

RE: Fax_Machine is no longer and Admin - Fax_machine - 07-15-2015

I appreciate a lot of the above feedback, it helps put a more accurate perspective on really everything from my own point of view. I did typically act in a haphazard personae, sometimes because I was being kooky sometimes because I was frustrated (Bwoof incidence is a prime example of the latter) but I really didn't feel anyone felt particularly preyed upon and am surprised and regretful that it came across as that.

For the record I did use the MCMMO to edit that skill, but only to gain a few levels not like 200 levels, you'll notice, (if there is a remote server connection log?), that I was checking and fixing MCMMO experience categories at the time. But if you look at the earlier conversations I had you can see that I had spent hours getting well past level 200 on excavation with a shovel and soul sand that day. That being said I did edit my rank forward by something like 28 levels and then knowingly didn't put it back after, I had actually thought about it but then decided not to bother, so I'm not claiming ignorance or accident which still constitutes me, regardless of the context, coming out of it with some levels gained that other players could not do themselves and simply is an example of an admin getting an advantage plainly.

I'd like to keep the focus on the reported reason for my demotion as well, that players felt ill-at-east or harassed by myself because it'll take a lot of individual explanations due to development and scripting to explain uses of give commands, wallet commands, denizen commands and the like. Since they're use is not typically chatted about before hand in the server so the context is really hard to get. Player harassment on the other hand can be more easily alleged because there is conversational back and forth

RE: Fax_Machine is no longer and Admin - Lady_Malice - 07-16-2015

First off I want to say I hope your mother is doing alright Fax. My condolences that she is unwell and my thoughts are with her. I can only hope that she quickly regains her strength and you can spend many years together forgetting this traumatic event.

I did my best earlier trying to just show what the facts were. There could be several situations that I could show to demonstrate why people did not like how Fax handled a situation. I am not using that as evidence that he should not have administrative rights though. However, he could have handled it better. That seems to be a reoccurring theme. He’s a hard line enforcer, I get that. I get that it’s frustrating dealing with our troll members. [You guys can’t even be mad about it, you are all a bunch of trolls who intentionally antagonize. You know who you are. lol And you know I know who you are because no one else wants to go read through the abyss that is the log files.] On that note you need to realize that just because some members are trolling around doesn’t mean that it’s them abusing things and to take away their permissions.

I can easily give an emotional wall of text about how much all this bothers me and will likely still bother me. However, I am not going to go into detail about that. If at some point any of you want to talk about it, I can. In skype or the server or that TeamSpeak I should probably get around to downloading.

I have spent about eight hours reading through the server logs and I am ready to give my input.

Having administrative rights is about trust.

Fax, you have broken that in regards to misusing commands and misusing our physical server.

I am bringing up an older point that Fax once left pirate bay open on our physical server. No matter your opinion on if he did anything or not, it’s about trust. In my opinion it’s a lack of respect to use our server to even go to that webpage. When it occurred I honestly no longer felt comfortable letting him have access to the server. Twolf knew my thoughts on that.

At this point I don’t want him having the ability to log onto our physical server.

In my final opinion he could be a moderator again, but not an administrator.

RE: Fax_Machine is no longer and Admin - TWolfWD - 07-16-2015

I’ve intentionally held off from posting a response up to this point. I wanted to get some opinions in before I said anything further. On average they’ve not been in favor of this decision, or at least not in the manner of which it was handled. This is understandable as I was quick to carry through and provided little support for my own assertions. I was angry, and acted hastily as a result, consulting only 2 other admins before making my own decision. Fax, for all his flaws, could still be great fun to play with, and built amazing things.

The problem is, as Malice said, trust has been broken. Honestly, it may have been shaky for some time. I like you as a player Fax, but I no longer believe you belong in a place of authority, and reading back on old forum posts this week and thinking about all the friction I got regarding the running of the server since my return, it hasn’t help. I don’t think you can prevent yourself from over reacting when you feel insulted, even if you gave cause for the insult.

Concerning Bwoof

I’d like to express my thoughts on this incident, and why it was a trigger for all of this. The log is scarcely abridged. All that’s been cut out are the Denizen script errors that are littered throughout the logs, sometimes hundreds of lines at a time, as well as most of the formatting codes that would otherwise make most lines illegible. That substantial chunk covers a total of 13 minutes. What happens before and after is of no consequence.

It’s obvious from the log that you were occupied with server issues when the nickname requests were being made. That’s perfectly understandable. What’s not understandable is how you managed to group a brand new player (still having a white name even) in with long time established players, then decide that fire is the appropriate response to what you interpreted as a request for a goofy name. Ember never did get her nickname changed, after all. Bwoof calling you a dick, while immature, was justified in my opinion. You, the authority figure, vocally denied what was a legitimate request for a nickname by Ember and burned her instead. You may not have interpreted it as that, but you never stopped to ask why he called you a dick either. When he attacks you with his sword in a location which isn’t allowed, instead of telling him what the rule is (the appropriate reaction, since as a new player he might not know that particular rule), you immediately start to use your god powers to burn him. This was the overreaction, not the tempban. As you said, the log is pretty clear from there, and what it looks to me is that you were intentionally treating Bwoof with malicious intent. This is only my interpretation, but from what I read you wanted to watch him burn. You turned off the rain and teleported Bwoof to you any time he attempted to get away, to the point of spamming “/tp Bwoof Fax_Machine”. Once you extinguished him you decided you needed to publicly call him a “cry baby”. You had already gone far across the line at this point, but you had to tempban him anyways. If Bwoof weren’t referred to the server by a long time player of old, I’m sure they would have left the server and left a scathing review at whatever corner of the internet still has us listed.

Concerning the Question of this Being a Trend

When I say this is a recent trend, I’m wrong. This has always been a trend, just one which doesn’t manifest itself too often, but more than it should. I hate brining up something so dated, but here’s a log that was posted in the admin section a few forums back when Fax was still relatively new as an Admin.

2012-07-25 19:33:11 [INFO] [PLAYER_COMMAND] Fax_Machine: /nuke
2012-07-25 19:33:11 [INFO] creeper_kid123> do u play mw3
2012-07-25 19:33:13 [INFO] Ascii> one color + white ?
2012-07-25 19:33:15 [INFO] robbaz died. Deploying death chest.
2012-07-25 19:33:16 [INFO] Creating empty config: C:\Users\Administrator\WolfDen_2.0\plugins\Essentials\userdata\yack.yml
2012-07-25 19:33:20 [INFO] WereWolf92> aw
2012-07-25 19:33:20 [INFO] RobbylTylerGl> jesus
2012-07-25 19:33:22 [INFO] TheGreysonW> DUDE
2012-07-25 19:33:27 [INFO] RobbylTylerGl> WE ALMOST DIED
2012-07-25 19:33:27 [INFO] Ascii> something went boom near me..
2012-07-25 19:33:29 [INFO] soalboy> yuoyou hit me
2012-07-25 19:33:31 [INFO] [PLAYER_COMMAND] Fax_Machine: /nuke
2012-07-25 19:33:31 [INFO] TheGreysonW> GOD ALMISHY
2012-07-25 19:33:32 [INFO] RobbylTylerGl> tnt hit me
2012-07-25 19:33:34 [INFO] creeper_kid123 died. Deploying death chest.
2012- 7-25 19:33:38 [INFO] TheGreysonW> OMG
2012-07-25 19:33:42 [INFO] RobbylTylerGl> 4WW
2012-07-25 19:33:45 [INFO] Ascii> glad i got a roof over my head
2012-07-25 19:33:45 [INFO] WereWolf92> WTF
2012-07-25 19:33:50 [INFO] Fax_Machine>  
2012-07-25 19:33:54 [INFO] creeper_kid123> that was a creeper explosion
2012-07-25 19:33:55 [INFO] Toon_Will> That Was An Explosion
2012-07-25 19:33:57 [INFO] TheGreysonW> OMFG
2012-07-25 19:33:57 [INFO] RobbylTylerGl> WHO IS THROWING TNT
2012-07-25 19:33:58 [INFO] [PLAYER_COMMAND] Fax_Machine: /nuke
2012-07-25 19:33:59 [INFO] TheGreysonW> DUDES STOP
2012-07-25 19:33:59 [INFO] [PLAYER_COMMAND] wolfslayre92: /kittycannon
2012-07-25 19:33:59 [WARNING] wolfslayre92 was denied access to command.
2012-07-25 19:34:02 [INFO] creeper_kid123 died. Deploying death chest.
2012-07-25 19:34:04 [INFO] TheGreysonW> I ALMOST DIED
2012-07-25 19:34:10 [INFO] WereWolf92> please stop
2012-07-25 19:34:17 [INFO] soalboy> its not us
2012-07-25 19:34:19 [INFO] Ascii> u nukeing everyone?
2012-07-25 19:34:20 [INFO] Toon_Will> IMG
2012-07-25 19:34:21 [INFO] WereWolf92> brb
2012-07-25 19:34:24 [INFO] Fax_Machine> maybe  
2012-07-25 19:34:28 [INFO] TheGreysonW> Fax seriously
2012-07-25 19:34:29 [INFO] Connection reset
2012-07-25 19:34:30 [INFO] TheGreysonW> Stop.
2012-07-25 19:34:31 [INFO] Connection reset
2012-07-25 19:34:35 [INFO] TheGreysonW> Im level 26
2012-07-25 19:34:35 [INFO] Fax_Machine> NEVER
2012-07-25 19:34:41 [INFO] soalboy> wheres my drin ko nyou
2012-07-25 19:34:45 [INFO] TheGreysonW> Ive already died like 4 times at level 30+ in a row.
2012-07-25 19:34:45 [INFO] RobbylTylerGl> i'm level 26 aswelll
2012-07-25 19:34:50 [INFO] TheGreysonW> Dont be a jerk.
2012-07-25 19:34:55 [INFO] Fax_Machine> dont tell me what to od.
2012-07-25 19:34:57 [INFO] Fax_Machine> do*\
2012-07-25 19:34:57 [INFO] creeper_kid123> hi
2012-07-25 19:35:02 [INFO] [PLAYER_COMMAND] Ascii: /lightning
2012-07-25 19:35:03 [INFO] Fax_Machine> so help me
2012-07-25 19:35:05 [INFO] Fax_Machine> I will
2012-07-25 19:35:05 [INFO] RobbylTylerGl> no reason to abuse powers
2012-07-25 19:35:06 [INFO] Fax_Machine> I will
2012-07-25 19:35:06 [INFO] TheGreysonW> I was working on a project, that is extremely inprofessional and uncool.
2012-07-25 19:35:19 [INFO] TheGreysonW> You're abusing your power, it's not amusing.
2012-07-25 19:35:24 [INFO] Fax_Machine> well considering the 4 professions that exist are Lawyer, Doctor, Priest and Professor
2012-07-25 19:35:26 [INFO] soalboy> ye
2012-07-25 19:35:26 [INFO] Fax_Machine> and I am none
2012-07-25 19:35:27 [INFO] Toon_Will> Thanks For Not Taking It.
2012-07-25 19:35:30 [SEVERE] Got an exception when logging sign text!
2012-07-25 19:35:30 [SEVERE] Data truncation: Data too long for column 'line1' at row 1
2012-07-25 19:35:31 [INFO] Fax_Machine> then yes it is unprofessional
2012-07-25 19:35:35 [INFO] soalboy> welcome
2012-07-25 19:35:39 [INFO] soalboy> can i work here
2012-07-25 19:35:41 [INFO] TheGreysonW> Fax, stop.
2012-07-25 19:35:43 [INFO] creeper_kid123> do u play mw3
2012-07-25 19:35:44 [INFO] Toon_Will> Sure.
2012-07-25 19:35:47 [INFO] Fax_Machine> have I continued?
2012-07-25 19:35:47 [INFO] soalboy> yay
2012-07-25 19:35:57 [INFO] soalboy> sry
2012-07-25 19:35:58 [INFO] WereWolf92> fax, can you make the Werewolf pink?
2012-07-25 19:35:59 [INFO] Toon_Will> Con Grats
2012-07-25 19:36:00 [INFO] Fax_Machine> did I continue after your last request
2012-07-25 19:36:01 [INFO] Toon_Will> Np
2012-07-25 19:36:02 [INFO] WereWolf92> pwease?
2012-07-25 19:36:12 [INFO] soalboy>  
2012-07-25 19:36:17 [INFO] [PLAYER_COMMAND] wolfslayre92: /list
2012-07-25 19:36:19 [INFO] Toon_Will> He Works Here
2012-07-25 19:36:23 [INFO] soalboy> oh
2012-07-25 19:36:23 [INFO] creeper_kid123> U R FIRED
2012-07-25 19:36:24 [INFO] WereWolf92> ascii
2012-07-25 19:36:28 [INFO] Fax_Machine> not me I haz work to do! and I'm off!
2012-07-25 19:36:31 [INFO] Connection reset
2012-07-25 19:36:31 [INFO] Fax_Machine lost connection: disconnect.quitting

At the time it was explained away with Ascii’s support that the two of you were merely testing the /nuke command. Rereading it though, I don’t believe that anymore. The chat on a whole is clearly distraught by the action right from the onset. By the second /nuke they’re practically crying for Fax to stop nuking them, having killed several of them already at this point (which he denies in the thread). What was his response when asked to stop?

Quote:2012-07-25 19:34:55 [INFO] Fax_Machine> dont tell me what to od.
2012-07-25 19:34:57 [INFO] Fax_Machine> do*\

He never apologized to the players affected. I let Fax convince me he was only messing around with a simple “My bad”. What an idiot I am. Even if he were just testing the command, something I doubt for the unnecessary 2nd and 3rd uses of the command, his response to the players when question about it was tantamount to “I don’t care, deal with it”. This is not the kind of behavior befitting of someone in power, and apparently 3 years later it still happens. How can actions like these be ok for an Admin?

I messed up letting that one slip. That would have been a prime opportunity to nip this behavioral thing in the butt. It’s times like that which caused the players of the server to think that Admins were just going to get away with whatever they wanted. It’s my fault most of all, because I am the one who said “not this time, it’ll be alright”. I said to myself “Well he does a lot of good, so I guess it’s not that bad.” Little did I know that players were being alienated and leaving the server as a result, and refusing to speak up about it. Why was Fax not warned? Because he should have known better, and I wasn’t strong enough to tell him otherwise.

This is Not a Ban

And it was never a consideration. Fax, in light of everything you’ve done for the server, and the support you have from those players who have posted their concerns, I’m willing to make a compromise. I’m willing to give you heightened permissions. Not Admin. I’m not even willing to consider Moderator at this time. What I would consider is giving you a custom set of permissions, those you would need to continue working on Safell, which is at this point wholly owned by you. I don’t want to deny you the work you’ve created, as mentioned in my original offer to provide you a copy of everything. It was good for you to have, and should it ever reach the other players it will be good for them as well. But as for accessing the Server remotely, that’s out of the question. Anything that needs to be done as far as scripts will be done through me. I’ll gladly make the plugin tweaks you need or install the scripts you’ve prepared, but you will have to develop them in your own local environment and clean them of errors first. If you want this, it’s yours.

If I’ve offended you to the point you do not wish to accept this compromise, I still wish to give you a copy of everything on the server. You’d be able to unzip the file and start your own copy of the server. You could even host it on your own machine. I’m fine with that. As far as I’m concerned you own Safell now. You are truly talented, and I sincerely would hate to see this event force you out of Minecraft.

Whatever you decide, I wish you luck in your future endeavors.

RE: Fax_Machine is no longer and Admin - Parune - 07-17-2015

[Image: cMf03.jpg]

RE: Fax_Machine is no longer an Admin - Derpahontas - 10-15-2015

We can all agree he won't be coming on anymore due to the mass of embarrasment, and for that reason, when we can all agree, I want to go ahead and call dibs on all his stuff Big Grin

RE: Fax_Machine is no longer an Admin - Blue_Dwarf - 10-15-2015

His stuff is still his stuff, and it should be left waiting for him if he ever decides to come back. Even if he doesn't, you should do your own work and get your own stuff. There will be no divvying up of his loot.

RE: Fax_Machine is no longer an Admin - Derpahontas - 10-16-2015

I'm just going to give my opinion. I don't think of Fax as someone who I felt intimidated by but more like a big brother. When ever he lights someone on fire or plays a little trick on you it's like have an older brother give you nuggy or wrestle  with  you.  I think there are some legitiment points Twolf made about Fax. If it was up to me I wouldn't take away his Admin abilities, mostly because he helped out the server so much.
Like I said, that's my opinion, it may not mean much for others, but this is what I feel.

RE: Fax_Machine is no longer an Admin - TWolfWD - 10-16-2015

As Dwarf said, there will be no looting. He deserves for it all to be preserved. I would also say it's unfair to say he remains away out of embarrassment. He has good enough reason to not want to be around, and I would not place that as one of the emotions responsible.