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The Wolf Den Now Runs Towny - TWolfWD - 11-26-2015

Towny is a plugin which provides in depth town and nation building for all players, as well as various protections within those towns. Any player can create a town and invite other players to be residents within those towns.

For detailed information, view the Towny documentation at

RE: The Wolf Den Now Runs Towny - Sigurther - 11-26-2015

Ooh! And a very Happy Thanksgiving to you, too! Smile (since it's too early to say Christmas came early!)

RE: The Wolf Den Now Runs Towny - Sigurther - 02-29-2016

So, a few questions on Towny, that aren't otherwise obvious. Since we can only mayor one town at a time, for those of us with multiple towns (four or five in my case) how do we set NPCs as the mayor? I'd like to align them all under one nation.

Additionally, is there any way to change the default color of the towny spaces/borders on Dynmap? That red is just awful. Same with the default dynmap map markers. I like my sun/gold ribbon motif, it's a national symbol kinda thing.


Edit: Some new woes here. Was toying with ways to keep my megafarm public while still keeping Rhaetia towny'd to prevent grief. Set plots to "Wild" which supposedly would allow people to harvest plants. No go. Towny's website suggests that plants must be added to an allowed list. I'd kinda like to see all farmable materials, nether wart and trees included, added to that, if possible. WOuld not affect normal town plots, only ones set by players as "Wild".

And just to show how broken "Wild" is, I had Happy try to pick stuff, with no success, so I made her a resident in my town. Suddenly she could open doors and kill animals... Just not in the areas designated as Wild. *shakes head* One step forward, two steps back. Worst case scenario, I just unclaim the plots and hope for the best.


RE: The Wolf Den Now Runs Towny - Wolfgirl031568 - 03-21-2016

How would I go about getting towny for my sky town?

RE: The Wolf Den Now Runs Towny - Wolfgirl031568 - 03-21-2016

Never mind, got it!! Big Grin and thanks to blue_dwarf for babying me and helping me xD xD

RE: The Wolf Den Now Runs Towny - TWolfWD - 03-22-2016

Please see my original announcement for a link to the Towny documentation, which includes commands.

RE: The Wolf Den Now Runs Towny - Blue_Dwarf - 03-23-2016

Indeed. While I can be help you if you ask, it'd be good to just refer to the guide. When you ask me how to do something with Towny, I have to look it up before I tell you because I don't know how Towny works either.

I just know that for general use you should stay away from radius and autoclaim commands (so, just individually claim your plots. large places like Eschaton that are already established, maybe ask for help and I'll see if I can cover that without breaking everything again). They can seriously mess stuff up in no time at all. We've already had two incidents where I had to roll back Towny because the save files got messed up by unintentional giant land claims.